The walking bassline - licks and improv

Roy Vogt Lesson time: (47min 28sec)

One of the most common and most initially challenging styles of playing bass is the walking bass line. This is a staple of jazz and swing styles and is also found in jump blues, country and Gospel. Initially, it can seem daunting since at its core, it requires the bassist to improvise (spontaneously compose - which is idfferent from spontaneously combust) a bass line that can constantly vary. However, there are many ways to approach the lines that will give us a good set of walking "licks".

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How many people can lay claim to a career so varied that it includes appearances on MTV’s Headbanger’s Ball, Montreux Jazz Festival, Montreal Jazz Festival, the London Palladium, the Grand Ole Opry and the Kremlin? From Punk to Funk, the simplicity of Country and Blues to the complexity of HyperJazz and World Beat? Not many. Yet premier bassist and educator Roy Vogt has done all that and more.

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