Introduction to the Trumpet: My First Trumpet Lesson

with Kay Charlton

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Beginner 13 lessons (0h 23m) Mobile, Tablet + Desktop

Kay Charlton is a trumpet educator based in the UK, working with world-class institutions such as Trinity College London, LSO and Warwick Music. Her books have have taught thousands of students and teachers how to get started and get better on the trumpet.

It is for total beginners, whether you're a kid or an adult! If you're curious about the instrument and want to know how to play your very first note, then this is the course for you!

Kay will tell you all about the instrument and how teach you to make a sound:

  • You'll learn how to hold a trumpet,
  • How to make your first note, first by making a buzz with your lips,
  • How to play with correct trumpet technique, avoiding bad habits
  • How to play your first melodies and even improvise your first tunes
  • How to care for your trumpet

It's all about picking up the good habits first, and fast!

If you want to make a great sound on your trumpet or are struggling and need advice to progress, this is for you - get started today!