Demonstration - Motivic Improvisation

Zach Brock Lesson time: (2min 42sec)

Zach demonstrates what you can do with his practice hack, by jamming on the Danny Boy melody. This is a great discipline for working on your improvisation by simply varying the melody, and gradually varying it in more and more creative ways.

Zach and MusicGurus want to hear your own motivic improvisation. So post it in this course's exclusive facebook group - Improvise & Groove on Strings.

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Heralded as “the pre-eminent improvising violinist of his generation,” Zach Brock is an violinist and composer whose music draws on the traditions of jazz, classical, world, and popular music. Zach received his first Grammy Award in 2017 for his work on Snarky Puppy’s album Culcha Vulcha. His acclaim as a bandleader has grown through appearances at venues such as Carnegie Hall and festivals like “Tudo é Jazz” in Brazil, while his reputation as a sideman has...  read more

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