Iconic Drum Breaks, vol.1

with Max Sedgley

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Beginner 19 lessons (0h 56m) Sheet music included Mobile, Tablet + Desktop

Max Sedgley is a British producer, drummer and DJ. He used to drum for iconic D&B act Roni Size and his compositions have been used on numerous TV programmes and ads including the hit series Six Feet Under.

For this course Max has blown the cobwebs from a classic 70's kit to teach you his favorite classic drum "breaks" from the late 60' & 70's. These breaks originally featured in songs by 70's artists such as Barry White and The Isley Brothers and were later sampled and re-purposed by well known contemporary artists to form the basis of literally 1000's of great tracks by The Prodigy or Daft Punk all the way to Gangstarr or NAS.

So grab your sticks and learn how to refine your technique and groove using some of these classic beats! By the end of your course you will have greatly expanded your vocabulary of beats and improved your feel. So without further ado, let's crack on and get involved.