Interview with Alessio Nanni (via Skype) - Pianist & Composer

Jay Mistry Lesson time: (15min 2sec)

In this video, discover what it's like beign a professional pianist and composer. Alessio joins us on Skype to give us tons of real-life examples such as working on the Tomb Raider video game trailer. Learn how a project works after receiving a brief, the challenges you'll encounter with this sort of project, and how long the process takes. Alessio gives great advice for anyone trying to get in to the industry - how to get jobs, how to construct trailers, what hardware / software you need in your studio.

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Jay Mistry is a music industry veteran of 30 years and is fluent in most aspects of the music business.

Jay commenced his career at the Performing Right Society and later he joined BMG Music Publishing where he was asked to set up the income tracking department from scratch. In 2003, Jay incorporated Musical Sleuth Ltd which was the first independent royalty tracking service of its kind and boasted clients such as Eric Clapton...  read more

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