Bela Bartok - String Quartet No 5

with Gábor Takács-Nagy

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Gabor Takacs-Nagy was born in Budapest where he started learning the violin at the age of eight. He attended the Franz Liszt Academy, after which he studied with Nathan Milstein. from 1975 to 1992, he was founding member and first violin of the Takacs Quartet which became world-renowned as one of the finest string quartets of its day.

An inspiring and perceptive teacher, Gabor Takacs-Nagy chamber music masterclass are greatly in demand. Since 1977, he was been Professor of String Quartet at the Geneva Conservatoire and he regularly gives masterclasses in various academies throughout the world.

Particularly known for his performances of Béla Bartók's works, he offers a masterclass on the composer's String quartet No. 5, with a focus on the fourth movement, Andante. Bartók's six quartets have marked his life from 1908 to 1939. The quartet No. 5 is characterized by its bright melody.

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