How to close-mic a drum kit, recording with a 13 microphone setup

Nikolaj Bjerre Lesson time: (14min 49sec)

In this online drum recording lesson, Nik Bjerre from Tileyard Studios in London explains how to close-mic a drum kit using 13 microphones, including what microphones to use in each position.

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Nikolaj Bjerre is a danish drummer and producer based in Tileyard Studios in London who's worked with many major artists and bands including Lamb, the Ian Siegal band, Ella Eyre, Andrea Corrs, Younger Brother, Heather Nova and Z-Star.

From producing music for the BBC to headlining Glastonbury, Nik is an accomplished musician and drummer whose skills include production, programming and writing. He is featured on major labels and independent releases. Nikolaj...  read more

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