How to embellish your 12 bar blues

Marcus Bonfanti Lesson time: (10min 42sec)

A quick look at the 12bar sequence and learning how to recognise it. A look at the basic chords in the key of A in open position. A look at the basic chords in the key of A in a more closed position. Learning to recognise the chords as I IV V in order to play in any key. Add some notes and special fingering to make the 12 bar special.

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Some of the highlights of my career so far have been working with Ten Years After (of course), Ginger Baker, Van Morrison, Ronnie Wood, Dave Gilmore and Nick Mason from Pink Floyd, Phil Manzanera from Roxy Music, Shuggie Otis and PP Arnold and many others.

I’ve been a professional musician now for 15 years and have toured the world and recorded on many albums across many different genres, but The Blues is where my...  read more

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