Making Presets

Isaac Cotec Lesson time: (16min 7sec)

Making presets can really level up your production game. It gives you a unique sound and pallette to work with. NOTE: This is also a fairly advanced topic. You could skip this if you have yet to go over audio effects. If you are interested in learnign more about audio effect, check out the "Effects" module in my "Building Tracks" course

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Arguably one of the best Ableton Trainers in the world! Over the years, while working on his own music, Isaac began teaching recording techniques, sound design, and Ableton Live to private students. Since getting his certification as an official Ableton Certified Trainer, he's helped thousands of producers step up their game and succeed as musicians.

Isaac Cotec started producing electronic based music in 2005 with Psyche Sonics,an experimental group working with the science and...  read more

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