May 15, 2021

TRY FREE song book for "Brooklyn" by Youngblood Brass Band

We've just released the interactive sheet music for all the individual parts of YBB's classic tune "Brooklyn". Try free.

FREE song book interactive score for the Trombone 1 from YBB's epic hit 'Brooklyn'

With this new interactive format score you can:

  • Play along with the band (the play head scrolls in time with the music)
  • Loop specific sections (select the 'play with count-in' option to be cued for each repeat)
  • Slow down the tempo and play at your speed (works best in Synthetic mode)
  • Download the original PDF scores & parts

Here's a quick overview of how it works from the band's snare drummer/lyricist David Henzie-Skogen:

Try it for yourself! Click play below to get started and try selecting individual bars with your fingers (mobile / tablet) or mouse pointer.

Individual tracks and the full score and parts are available on MusicGurus . Perfect for you or your whole band to max out your practise time!

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