MusicGurus Subscription Royalties

Information for artists and licensors

MusicGurus is moving to a subs model where students pay a monthly fee to access all courses on the site.*

The benefit for MusicGurus students is the ability to spread the cost of learning over time and access lessons at a more granular level.

For MusicGurus, it’s our goal to provide customers with the best possible learning experience to accelerate their progress.

Subscriptions revenues will be shared with course providers on a pro-rata basis while honouring existing revenue share agreements.

*Song books of interactive sheet music are excluded from the subscription.

Benefits for artists and publishers

  • More users on the platform = more revenue for artists.
  • Subscription provides a lower entry price for customers.
  • Early results suggest that MusicGurus subscribers find great value in being able to access all courses and so are spending more to stay subscribing.
  • Subscribers are benefit from creating their own learning path by focusing on most relevant topics, songs & artists to their goals

Feedback: “I like the idea of a monthly subscription. It means I can dip into courses without any risk that I was thinking about, but wasn't convinced I wanted to invest in as a one-off payment” Paul

Royalties calculation formula

Course commission for artist / licensors is then calculated as follows:

  1. NET revenue: total revenue less payment provider fees, taxes, sales commissions.
  2. Course streams %: the total number of course streams (lessons + songs are added up and divided by total streams.
  3. Revenue per course: NET revenue is shared between courses based on each course’s share of total streams.
  4. Licensor share: Revenue for each course is then shared with artists / publishers based on agreed deals.
Subscription Royalty Formula

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