Paul Elliott

Jazz, Rock, Funk, Rock & Pop

Paul is a highly respected drum educator and clinician. Paul's students get the top gigs in the industry such as Kylie Mingoue (Tom Meadows), Ricky Martin (Laura Fares), The Cure (Jason Cooper) and many more. At clinics he has performed alongside the likes of Steve Smith, Manu Katche, Simon Phillips and Gary Husband. And his own playing career featured stints with Frank Gamable, Guthrie Govan and Shaun Baxter.

Top drummers like Phil Selway (Radiohead) and Ash Soan (Adele) come to Paul for technical advice, and now you can learn from him too! Paul goes in-depth on the technical requirements for each grade, demonstrating and explaining each rudiment you're required to learn. He doesn't just describe how you should play, but why and what becoming a technical master allows you to do on the kit.

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