Jazz Zone - Alto or Tenor Saxophone

Interactive Sheet Music, Saxophone

James Rae: Jazz Zone - for alto or tenor saxophone. An introduction to jazz improvisation with MP3 accompaniment.

  • 13 pieces of interactive sheet music for Alto and Tenor
  • Slow down and loop for easy practise
  • 24/7 anywhere access to all content
  • Backing tracks with pro jazz musicians
Includes: 26 pieces

In writing this book James Rae has drawn upon his extensive performing and teaching experience and presents, in an accessible and straightforward manner, a "way in" to the somewhat daunting area for the aspiring jazz musician - that of improvisation. Using the CD, the player will feel immediately supported and in the right harmonic and stylistic environment for taking those first steps. Musical examples with the rhythm section backing of professional jazz musicians will help steer the player into the more liberated world of improvisation.

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