Fingerpicking Guitar Techniques (part 2)

with Stefan Grossman

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Intermediate 28 lessons (1h 21m)

This two-course set is for beginner and intermediate guitarists who want to start fingerpicking. In them you will learn how to master the alternating bass style, which we sometimes jokingly refer to as "bum-chick." It is the most popular fingerpicking style played and has been used by legendary guitarists. Mississippi John Hurt, Rev. Gary Davis, Merle Travis, Doc Watson, Chet Atkins are but a few of the giants of this style.

You'll learn a collection of great songs. Each tune is taught phrase by phrase and then played again slowly on a split-screen so that you can carefully see what both hands are doing. As well, you will see rare footage of some of the great fingerstyle players such as Rev. Gary Davis, Lightnin' Hopkins, Mance Lipscomb, Merle Travis, Brownie McGhee, Elizabeth Cotten, John Jackson, Pink Anderson and Doc Watson.

INCLUDED: a detailed tab/music digital PDF booklet

  • In part 1 of the course: Oh Papa, Shake That Thing, Death Come Creeping, Nobody's Dirty Business and Make Me A Pallet Of Your Floor
  • In this second part of the course: Coffee Blues, Crow Jane, Oh Mary Don't You Weep, Delia, Old Country Rock and Will The Circle Be Unbroken

Rev. Gary Davis use to tell his students that playing the guitar was easy. He would say that a piano player has only two hands (the left keeps an alternating bass while the right plays a melody) but a guitarist has three hands! Our right hand thumb is one hand and plays the bass figures while our index finger is our second hand and plays the melody. Our third hand is our left hand which fingers chords. The results produce a full and orchestrated fingerstyle sound with a rhythmic bass played against melodic lines. This is the alternating bass technique.

Player reviews

“This is a tremendous value for your money. What will you get? A gentle progression through the country blues idiom. Each lesson builds on the next and at the end you have a beginning repertoire and a clue as to what to try next. It is rare in my experience that you get more than what you pay for...with any product. Well, here's the one that exceeded my expectations.”


“There are many gifted guitarists who make videos for students. I know; I own most of them. However, too many that are wonderful guitarists have no gift of teaching. It is like a brilliant mathmetician teaching class, but no one can pass the class. He does not possess the gift of teaching. Stefan Grossman does! ”

Peter H

What's included?

28 lessons (1h 21m) Advanced video features Mobile, tablet & desktop access 100% satisfaction guarantee