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Fast Songwriting with Ableton Live

with Isaac Cotec

Do you get frustrated or stuck writing music? Want to speed up your songwriting?

Unlock techniques and processes to start writing music in Ableton Live… Fast!
Includes over 2 hours of instructional videos and 2+ gigs of samples and Live Packs.

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  • Over 2.5GB of downloadable project files and attachments
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A MusicGurus course makes the perfect gift

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Course Length
19 lessons · 2h 54m

I'm Ableton-certified trainer Isaac Cotec. In this course, I'll share tons of tips, resources and information around fast songwriting... How you can make the sounds in your head come out into the software and create the music that you've been wanting.

We'll go over tons of the different tools in Ableton Live to speed up songwriting. We'll start with creating a concept around your music using images and videos to really inspire you in the ceation. Then we'll look at pre-production, making templates, tools, and presets that will speed up the process when we sit down and start creating music. We'll also look at making sketches rom scratch and how we can expand those out into full compositions and arrangements that change over time and have a story that they're trying to tell.

I'll also share tricks, tips and techniques that I've learned over the years to keep me producing and in the flow, moving beyond writer's block and staying creative in the studio. At the end of this couse you're going to have the tools, ideas and concepts to help push your music in the studio and create the music that's in your hear and get it out as quickly and as easily as possible.

Specificall, this course will go over:

  • The steps of songwriting
  • Building a concept and art around your music
  • Quickly creating sketching in Live
  • Expanding your composition
  • Subtractive Arrangement
  • Tips for Writers Block
  • and much more

And at any point during the course, feel free to send me your projects or compositions and I'll be happy to review them and send you personalized, 1-to-1 feedback.

Get Started writing songs fast with Live!

Lesson Plan

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Organizing Samples

BONUS: Production Template

Randomizing MIDI with Effects

Building Blocks of a Composition

Subtraction Arrangement Activity

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Isaac Cotec

Arguably one of the best Ableton Trainers in the world! Over the years, while working on his own music, Isaac began teaching recording techniques, sound design, and Ableton Live to private students. Since getting his certification as an official Ableton Certified Trainer, he's helped thousands of producers step up their game and succeed as musicians.

Isaac Cotec started producing electronic based music in 2005 with Psyche Sonics,an experimental group working with the science and research of binaural beats, and altering consciousness through sounds. After touring, Isaac Cotec continued writing music under the alias Cotec and later emerged as the artist Subaqueous. As Subaqueous, he blends his electronic past with future and past organic production techniques and, to date, has released 3 albums and 4 EP's.  Isaac Cotec is the founder and manager of the record label Invibe Music. Invibe represents some of the Pacific Northwest’s best electronic music, and specializes in midtempo dance music.

Check out some of Isaac's Ableton Live courses below, and don't hesitate starting a conversation with him using our tutoring feature on this page.

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