MusicGurus Unlimited - Access Instructions for Members

How to use your Unlimited access code to start courses on the platform

Thanks for signing up to the MusicGurus Unlimited pilot!

As an Unlimited member, you get access to all courses on MusicGurus 24/7, so you can learn wherever and whenever you like. MusicGurus has many benefits for members including:

  • Focus on the areas you care about (60% of members say they have improved since signing up)
  • Get specific lessons from other courses (42% of members say they jump to lessons that are most relevant)
  • Try a new instrument (66% of members say they use Unlimited to study a second instrument)

Once you sign up to MusicGurus you will receive an email with a special code to access any course on the site. Please follow these simple steps to start using it:

Step 1: Make sure you’re signed in to MusicGurus or create an account

As soon as you receive your access code, head over to and click "Sign in" at the top right. This will trigger a sign-in box and you can either sign in (if you already have an account) or create an account (if you're yet to do so).

If you've forgotten your password, no problem! Just click the "forgotten password?" link on the form and follow the steps to reset it.

1. Login to

Step 2: Choose a course and click the pink ‘Buy Course’ button at the top right

You will find a full list of all MusicGurus courses on this page here:

Try filtering them by instrument, ability level or style to find a course that meets your needs, or type a search into the box in the site header.

Once you've found a course you might want to use, click on it to see detailed information about the course and the tutor by watching the introduction video and scrolling through the lesson plan.

Then, ignore the course price (this is for one-off purchases only) and click the pink 'Buy Course' button at the top right of the screen beside the price to add the course to your account.

Step 3: Enter your access code into the “Got a discount code?” box and press “Apply”

Once the payment form launches, input the special Access Code that you received by email into the box below the "Got a discount code" text and press the "Apply" button to the right of the box.

When entering your code, make sure that there are no spaces at the start or end of the code, as sometimes when copy / pasting a code from an email spaces can be copied over by accident.

Once the code is entered correctly, press "Apply" and the course price should change to FREE, showing that you can access the course without paying.

Make sure you DO NOT enter any credit card information or start the paypal payment process during this step.

3. Enter your secret Code

Step 4: Press “Get” to start the course and add it to your dashboard

When the course price shows as FREE, click "Get" to start the course and add it to your user dashboard for later use.

Initially, you will be taken directly to the course page to start using it. If you leave the site, and want to find your course again, navigate to your user dashboard by clicking 'My Dashboard" in the top right of any page on the site, and you will find the course under "My Courses" - just click to start using it again.

That's it! Any questions or if you get stuck don't hesitate to contact us using the 'help' button at the bottom right of the screen.

4. Get the course (go to your dashboard to find it again)

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